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Our Story

Our journey began over a decade ago when our founder, inspired by the incredible local culture of Reno, started experimenting with unique flavors of ice cream and sorbets. As he perfected his recipes, friends and family couldn't help but encourage him to share his delightful creations with the world. In the summer of 2014, he took that leap of faith and decided to introduce his ice cream to his beloved hometown.

Reno, known as the biggest little Foodie City in the world, provided the perfect backdrop for our ice creamery and deli to flourish. This city's vibrant culinary scene, with its numerous local coffee houses, restaurants, bakeries, and food trucks, served as a testament to the demand for handmade, locally-sourced delicacies. We took this opportunity to showcase the beauty of minimal, fresh ingredients that capture the essence of Nevada and Reno's unique charm.

Our flavors are truly mind-blowing and crafted with care. From the delightful aroma of Earl Grey to the intriguing combination of Maple Bacon and the enchanting taste of Chocolate Salted Lavender, each scoop is an adventure for your taste buds.

The Icecycle Creamery ice cream bike, parked in front of the Reno, Biggest Little City in the World sign.
Three ice cream flavors in a cup, surrounded by a variety of cut deli sandwiches.

Following the immense success of vending ice cream from our iconic Icecycle bike during that first summer, we knew it was time to take the next step. In 2015, Pedalers Deli was born, carrying the same commitment to exceptional taste and quality. Our deli proudly offers an array of out-of-the-box sandwiches that are nothing short of amazing.


The heart of our deli lies in using house-roasted meats, homemade sauces, dressings, and the freshest ingredients. Whether you're indulging in our famous PHO DIP, savoring the flavors of the Chicken Picatta Sandwich, or exploring the delightful fusion of The Bahn-Mitloaf, each bite promises a culinary adventure like no other.

At Icecycle Creamery and Deli, we celebrate the spirit of our community, drawing inspiration from the diverse and dynamic culture of Reno. We are committed to creating flavors and dishes that reflect the essence of our local culture and support the thriving food scene that has brought joy to residents and visitors alike.

Thank you for joining us on this delicious journey, where we blend passion, creativity, and the richness of Reno's food culture to bring you unforgettable ice creams and extraordinary sandwiches. We invite you to experience the true taste of Reno and indulge in the magic that our ice creamery and deli have to offer.

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